5th Anniversary

For our 5th anniversary I made reservations at L'Atelier Du Joel Robuchon. We actually have two anniversaries, the official one in April and another in December - both on the 17th.

A Lychee Cosmopolitan and a Strawberry Mojito to start, with some of the best bread and butter I've ever tasted - it smelled so good that I wasn't sure if it was morally right to tear into it, it deserved to exist.

L'amuse Bouche? A shot of Fois gras parfait with parmesan and port wine. Very strange, very mourish.

Starters were equally as delicious.

Amazing colours.

Only topped by the mains.

This complimentary side sent out to accompany my Iberico pork chop was so delicious that I just had to ask what was in it, our waiter replied nonchalantly "well... just cabbage, butter, salt and pepper."

Suspicious of his answer I tasted it again, all sensibilities were lost.

Needless to say dessert was amazing too, my first experience at the two Michelin Star restaurant was a great one.

The restaurant's atmosphere is intimate, secluded and sophisticated. We could talk, laugh and enjoy our food without feeling watched, and immediate table service was only a glance and a nod away.

For the December 17th we usually do something a little bit more casual, I'm thinking sushi, I'm thinking Covent Garden - expect pictures!